The Global Journal 16

— Managing Editor

The sixteenth issue of The Global Journal features a cover story by Amana Fontanella-Khan on the grassroots 'Gulabi (Pink) Gang' of female vigilantes that support victims of abuse or injustice in Uttar Pradesh, India. Alongside my broader editorial role, I interviewed the influential political scientist and United Nations Special Representative for Business and Human Rights, John Ruggie, and tech entrepreneur and author, Ping Fu.  

This issue of the magazine also includes a feature-length interview with Philippe Van Parijs on the universal basic income, as well as commissioned contributions from Caroline Kende-Robb, Nara Pavão, Paolo Cravero, and Pete Pin.

Magazine, 20cm x 27.5cm
84 Pages
March/April 2013

Creative Direction: Alexis Kalagas
Design: Dimitri Kalagas