Polis — Rapid Urbanization and the Rise of Informal Settlements

— Contributor

Polis—Rapid Urbanization and the Rise of Informal Settlements is the third edition of a series of thematic publications produced to accompany the book Polis—Cities in Images by Christa Ziegler. Devoted to the challenge of informal housing in fast-growing cities, I contributed, with Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner, an essay entitled 'Close Encounters: Architecture and Community in Khayelitsha'. Asking what happens when we distinguish urban 'commoning' as a lifestyle choice from sharing as a necessity, the piece explores spatial practices of communal life in a Cape Town township, and the diverse forms of commoning that have been embedded in Urban-Think Tank's Empower Shack project. 

This volume of the magazine also includes contributions from Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Fabienne Hoelzel, and Kirtee Shah.

Newsprint, 31.5cm x 47cm
edition fink
40 Pages
September 2017

Editor: Reto Bürgin
Design: Annamaria Kozma, Sonja Zagermann, Georg Rutishauser