Migrant Journal 3: Flowing Grounds

— Contributor

Conceived as a limited run six-issue series, Migrant Journal explores the circulation of people, goods, information, and fauna and flora around the world, as well as the transformative impact migration in all its forms has on space and society. For an issue dedicated to the theme 'Flowing Grounds', I contributed an article entitled 'Box Fresh'. The piece explores how standardized shipping containers became the basic unit in the machinery of global capitalism, ushering in sweeping changes that continue to reverberate far beyond the sphere of maritime trade and port infrastructures. The third issue of Migrant Journal was launched during Offprint Paris.

This volume of the magazine also includes contributions from Dinh Q Lê, James Morgan, Lindsay Bremner, Richard Sears, and Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin

Magazine, 24.5cm x 18.5cm
Migrant Journal Press
144 Pages
November 2017

Editors: Justinien Tribillon, Michaela Büsse, Dámaso Randulfe
Co-Editors: Isabel Seiffert, Christoph Miler
Design: Offshore Studio