CARTHA on Making Heimat

— Contributor

Since 2014, CARTHA has provided a platform for critical thinking on architecture and society, bridging the gap between theoretical and practical approaches. Each year, CARTHA initiates research and publishes four issues on a topic in its online magazine, which are then collected in a book. In 2016, CARTHA collaborated with the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture, which explored the challenges and potential the recent influx of refugees has posed for architecture and urban design. Reflecting on this topic, I contributed, with Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner, an essay entitled 'Bringing it All Back Home'. The piece explores how designers can move beyond the immediate imperatives of emergency shelter to address longer-term questions of identity and community. The essay was subsequently reprinted in an issue of Metropolis magazine.

The publication also includes interviews with Saskia Sassen and David Harvey, as well as contributions from Arno Brandlhuber and Marina Otero Verzier.

Paperback, 10.5cm x 15.8cm
Park Books
128 Pages
May 2017

Editors: Elena Chiavi, Pablo Garrido Arnaiz, Francisco Moura Veiga, Guillem Pujol Borràs, Francisco Ramos Ordóñez, Júlia Trias Jurado, Rubén Valdez
Design: Début Début