Assemble Papers 11: Transitions

— Contributor

Launched in Melbourne in 2012, Assemble Papers is a print and digital publication for small footprint living, which focuses on related topics in the fields of art, design, architecture, urbanism, and the environment. For an issue with the theme 'Transitions', I contributed an article entitled 'Redesigning Renting: Housing as a Service'. Drawing upon research conducted in London as part of the Harvard GSD’s Richard Rogers Fellowship program, the piece situates the emergence of co-living ventures in the context of the broader ‘access economy’, and explores what the idea of ‘housing as a service’ could mean for the private rental sector. The eleventh issue of Assemble Papers was launched in conjunction with the Living Cities Forum.

This volume of the magazine also includes contributions from Lesley Lokko and Mary Featherston. 

Magazine, 30cm x 22.5cm
118 Pages
May 2019

Editor: Jana Perkovic
Design: Carolyn Ang